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Re: Xoops+Xpress+Buddypress


Hi Toemon,

I´m using WP 3.4.1. To fix the BuddyPress problem (version 1.56), reading your forum, I have copied the same change of code that says on the topic “pluggable.php after upgrade to wordpress3.4”, to the file capabilities.php (line 1375):


if ( ! $user->exists() )

return false;


if (method_exists($user, ‘exists’)) {

if ( ! $user->exists() ) return false;

} else {

if ( empty( $user->ID ) ) return false;


And now, all works fine! Few minutes ago, I have upgraded without problem, from WP Xpressme panel, the Buddypress version 1.56 to 1.57. Really, I´m very happy. The only issue I have tested yesterday, was if I changed on WP Xpressme panel the WP mode to Xoops mode, the Buddypress goes down and I had to reinstall. But my idea is to join with Xpressme Xoops+WP+Buddypres only on WP mode, then no problem by the moment. Greetings, Roberto.