XPressME Integration Kit


HowTo Make Localize Files

Get WordPress in Your Language

see  codex.wordpress.org WordPress in Your Language

An extras/xpress_i18n folder has the file of the use to localize.


If your language is not available in the xpress-i18n  , or if the available translation needs to be improved , You use a template and can make a file to localize.

/extras/xpress_i18n/template has the template file for localizing it.

step 1

works by using the one that/extras/xpress_i18n/template was copied.

step 2

Translate tpl and php files in the language/english folder


step 3

The name of the language/english folder is changed to the XOOPS Language name for your language.

[Example] english to pt-br_utf8


step 4

Edit WPLANG defined by wp-config.php.


WordPress Localized Language, defaults to English.
Change this to localize WordPress.  A corresponding MO file for the chosen language must be installed to wp-content/languages.
For example, install de.mo to wp-content/languages and set WPLANG to ‘de’ to enable German language support.

define (‘WPLANG’, ‘your Language‘);

[Example] define (‘WPLANG’, ‘pt_BR’);

step 5

Making po,mo

PO (Portable Object) files
The first step in the localization process is that the translator translates all the messages from the POT file into the target language, and saves both English and translated messages in a PO file.
MO (Machine Object) files
The second step in the localization process is that the PO file is run through a program that turns it into an optimized machine-readable binary file (MO file). Compiling the translations to machine code makes the localized program much faster in retrieving the translations while it is running.

The following examples made po and mo by using poEdit.

A.   Create Catalog

select 「New catalog from POT file …].


open the wp-content/plugins/xpressme/languages/xpressme-lang.pot


B.   Settring Catalog

project name and version  XPressME Plugin

term:  your name

Team’s email address: your email address

Language ; select your language from dropdown list

Country: select your country from dropdown list

Charset: UTF-8

Source code charset:  UTF-8

plural Forms: nplurals=1;plural=0;


C.  Save as …

po FileName  xpressme-WPLANG.po

Please replace WPLANG with the value set in step 4.

[exsample] xpressme-pt_BR.po



D.  Trancerate


E.  make MO

If you checked “Automatically compile .mo file on save” by setting File/preferences, The .mo file is automatically made by file saving.


The .mo file is automatically made by file saving.



F.  make wp-content/themes/xpress_default MO,PO

WPLANG.po and WPLANG.mo of the theme are similarly made from wp-content/themes/xpress_default/lang.pot.

Please replace WPLANG with the value set in step 4.

[exsample] WPLANG is pt_BR


step 6

transerate how_to_make_xpressme.html


step 7

Rename template folder to  localizing  name

[Example] template to portuguese-br


Please contribute the made localize file.